Creative Science

Creativity is not only related to painters, singers and play-writers; but it can be in the field of science as well. Creativity in science can be a new idea that has value in solving a problem, or an object that is new or useful. Composing a piece of music that's pleasing to the ear or painting a mural on a city street for pedestrians to admire. Or it can mean dreaming up a solution to a challenge encountered in the lab.


Upcoming Events

Science Video Making Competition

Subjects for video: A story of a discovery or an invention Physics in the garden Chemistry in my kitchen Amazing facts that I found about vegetables Yes! I eat chemicals!

Past Events

Chicago, Botany Exhibition, Annual Gathering

Do Science

Our students learn science by 'Doing' and not by just reading or writing. WE have fully equipped laboratory and every student experiences science by doing it individually. They maintain documentation of each experiment throughout the year and they apply this experience while learning theory of the concept

Young Scientists

Our young students not only perform experiments, but they also carry on some 'research project'. They identify some problem in day to day life and try to solve the problem by doing research. They themselves decide the methodology to solve the problem and also they work on its viability, statistics, economy and presentation.